Sunday, February 5, 2017

Four A: Review Quiz

Review Quiz

One: Last week we learned about 8 new artists:

a) Bridget Riley
b) Emily Carr
c) Florine Stettheimer
d) Agnes Pelton
e) Georgia O'Keeffe
f) Agnes Martin
g) Kay Sage
h) Frida Kahlo

Match the 8 art photos below with the artists listed above.


# 2

This is for O'Keefe. Need painting of desert.







Which artist was Mexican? _________
Which artist was British?   __________
Which artist was Canadian? _________
Which artist was into Transcendental abstraction? _______
Which artist documented the social life of elite Manhattan? ________
Which artist was into architectural dreamscapes? _________
Which artist painted the desert of New Mexico? _______
Which artist used painting as a form of meditation? _______